About the Market

Delafield Farmers Market picture

The Delafield Farmers Market began in 1991 as an independent, vendor-owned entity. Several revisions later, in 2016, the market has a new board of directors, and is entertaining a new vision of what the market can become.


Our Purpose and Vision

  • Promote sustainability –  provide direct producer-to-consumer economic opportunities
  • “Buy local” – learn from farmers and producers the benefits of using fresh, quality, locally grown, locally crafted produce and products
  • Promote locally family owned businesses
  • Bring new visitors to Delafield to explore the town and market
  • Support local musicians and business sponsors
  • Develop connections between health and wellness and whole foods by connecting local health experts with consumers.
  • Promote local artisans – photographers, knitters, woodworkers and jewelry makers

Entrepreneurs, farmers and vendors are from southeastern Wisconsin, or in some cases — the Midwest.  We have a wide array of locally raised vegetables and fruits which changes from the growing season – May through October, and delicious on-site food including fresh pressed juices, sweets and barbecue.

New this year are a talented group of musicians – guitar, violin, harmonica, banjo, original songs and pop songs –  that share their music and voices at the market each Saturday.



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