2022 Stories

Judy's Hand Crochets

The items I sell are crocheted items for use in the house.  I've had almost 50 years of experience doing custom orders and repairs.

Whitmore Produce

Whitmore Produce started as a designed shirt and than officially became a business in 2017.  The business is run  by Brian Whitmore, the farmer, and Denise Whitmore, the trained chef.  Brian grows heirloom vegetables and a wide variety of microgreens.  Denise makes dairy and gluten free soups and salads in a commercial kitchen.


My business started as our son's 4-H project and grew from there.  I sell various grass fed beef cuts, chicken, and pork.  Stop over to say "hi" and bring home your meat for the week!

Morgan's Perennial Plants

I have been growing plants and flowers since my childhood.  "Live each day as though you'll die tomorrow, and garden like you'll live forever."

Hemken Honey

Hemken Honey has been in business since 1996.  We are a family owned, local raw honey producer.  Our products include raw honey, comb honey, pure beeswax candles and beeswax.  At farmers markets, we enjoy talking to consumers about the benefits of local, raw honey.  We also do custom orders.  Stop at our booth and say "Hi!".

Pao Garden

Pao Garden is located in the Fredonia area.  They do not use any spray on their vegetables, fruits or cut flowers.  They also take orders!

Crystal's Stained Glass

Terry Brabozan creates stained glass projects in varied sizes.  Some of them are framed.  Find the perfect stained glass work of art to complete your home decor!





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