Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many vendors come to the market?

A: Depending on what's in season, the number of vendors changes, but we average 25 vendors a week.

Q: How can I help to support the Delafield Farmers’ Market?

A: Please see the Sponsor page.

Q: How do I place an order for flowers, produce or meat from a vendor and pick it up on Saturday?

A: The 2024 vendors will be listed on this website. If you are interested in placing a pre-order, please reach out to individual vendors or email Felicia Nelson at with your request and she will forward it to the requested vendor.

Q:  How can I become a vendor at the Delafield Farmers’ Market?

A: Vendors can apply for and then reserve a spot at a seasonal rate or apply for specific weeks at a daily rate, based upon availability. Please see our vendor page for more details.

Q: What kind of licensure or permits do I need to sell my products at the Delafield Farmers Market?

A: Depending upon what product you intend to sell, you will be required to provide all or some of the following:

  • Wisconsin Sales Permit
  • Food Processor (Retail) License for baked, canned, or prepared food and for eggs.
  • Nursery Grower License for perennial plants, trees, and shrubs.
  • Mobile or Temporary Food Establishment License for operators selling on-site food
  • Certificate of Insurance

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